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If you’re seeking reasonably-priced yet powerful graphic software for image editing and painting, you’re at the right place. Our products include the award-winning Color It!® for the Macintosh, an easy-to-use image editing program; Digital Darkroom®, an image-editing program for novice users on Macintosh and Windows platforms; and Enhance®, a professional-level program for the Macintosh designed for serious image manipulation and retouching.


Color It! will NOT run under Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion) and later systems.

Yes, we are working on a new version, created from scratch, that WILL run in 10.7 and later system versions.

While this will modernize and expand the program’s capabilities, it’s a massive undertaking that will most likely take months yet. If you’d like to receive an e-mail notification as soon as the release date is set, click here.

The new version will support opening files with much larger pixel dimensions, faster performance, utilizing the Core Image visual effects and Services that are built into the operating system, and much, much more. It will still have a similar interface, retaining our world-famous ease of use, while adding even more power and capability than previous versions.

Until the new version is out, you’ll need to either not upgrade to 10.7 or later system versions, or set up a dual-boot situation where you can still start up your Mac in 10.6 or before to run Color It! version 4.5. more info

Making things simple is often

the most difficult goal to accomplish.

There’s a lot of different choices for image editing software out there,

from mind-numbingly powerful and difficult to use

to overly simple, limited and practically useless.

Some really expensive, some really flashy.

Some companies even want you to rent their software by the month.

Stop paying, and it goes away. Amazing.

At Digimage Arts, our philosophy has always been

to create easy to use and understand software

that normal human beings without a graphic design PhD can operate.

Simple, yes,

but also powerful enough to be of genuine use

to everyone from the casual user to professional designers.

That’s what we’re working on right now.

Bringing our legendary easy of use

to a completely new program written in the very latest code.

What that means to you

is everything you’ve come to expect from our software

in a program that takes advantage of

all the aspects

of the latest operating systems.

Just imagine.

Stay tuned. It’s going to get really fun!

Color It!® version 4.5 for Mac OS X

This English version is OS X-native—it does not require Classic mode as previous versions do. And as it requires as little as 6 megabytes of RAM it runs lightning-fast on Intel-based Macs utilizing Apple’s Rosetta technology.

Color It! is an multi-award-winning, fully-featured image editing program with sophisticated paint tools that is easy to learn and use. Quick and efficient, it offers powerful capabilities without the high cost and steep learning curve of other image editing programs.

Color It! has everything most people need to improve, edit and modify images or create their own from scratch. Images can be saved in many different formats for use as web images, high-resolution print images, or as animated GIFs. Easily manipulate and blend images in ways limited only by your imagination! More information

Color It! 4.5 received the highest 5-star Award from Dodownload.com!

The Kleper Report on Digital Publishing says of Color It! 4.5:

“Color It! 4.5 is a venerable image editor that is well known to experienced Macintosh users. It provides a subset of Photoshop’s editing capabilities at a small fraction of Photoshop’s cost, thus providing a very low-cost alternative for those digital publishers whose image editing needs are not demanding.

“The program is very nimble and responsive, occupying only six megabytes of RAM. It is compatible with Photoshop plugins which although useful, is ironic since most plug-ins sell for more than Color It! itself. . . .

“The program is well-documented with its PDF-based 123-page user manual which includes tutorials. The program is quite a bargain at $59.95.”

Check out a review of Color It! 4.5 by Charles W. Moore on Applelinks.

Digital Darkroom® for Windows or Mac is an exceptionally easy-to-use program for importing images from scanners or digital cameras and performing basic image editing and manipulation. A simple click on sample images performs most modifications and instantly preview the results. The AutoMagic™ menu performs the most-needed adjustments automatically including Auto Straighten, Auto Contrast and Auto Enhance. 4 levels of undo, support for scanner plug-ins (with multiple-acquire auto-save) and Photoshop-compatible plug-ins for filters, export, and file formats make Digital Darkroom versatile and fun! Perfect for novice users. More information

Enhance® is similar to Color It! but offers layers capability and professional-level control for serious image manipulation, editing, and retouching. 16 levels of Undo/Redo, multiple layers, Web-ready features like GIF color table minimization and image map creation, and support for pressure-sensitive tablets and most Photoshop-compatible plug-ins make Enhance a powerhouse tool for graphic designers. More information

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