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Color It! Awards and Ratings:


4 Stars, MacToday


4 monitors, Desktop Publishers Journal


Readers Choice, MacFormat magazine


Editors Choice, Macworld


BMUG Fall Choice Products


Spiffy, MacAddict


Editors Choice, Computer Reseller News


4 Stars, Macworld


Editors Choice Award for Best Graphics Program, DT&G


Editors Choice, Macworld


Editors Choice Finalist, MacUser


Editors Choice Honorable Mention, MacUser

Armed with Color It!, Artist and Naturalist Boyd Shaffer creates images like these starting from a blank screen. Click to see more.

Version 4.0



“I can’t think of a better program for learning how to create graphics on

the Mac.”

–Deke McClelland,

Macworld columnist and author

No longer must users jump between many different programs, or purchase a fistful

of plug-ins to create powerful graphics optimized for print or web use–Color

It! 4.0 contains everything needed in one simple, easy-to-use program. Color

It! is an award-winning, fully-featured image editing program that opens a wide variety

of file formats, offers 16 levels of undo, and supports pressure-sensitive tablets

and Photoshop-compatible plug-ins for scanners and filters. A customizable tools

palette, animated GIF and image map creation, clipping paths, levels, curves, CMYK

four-color separations, and a bevy of built-in filters including ones to remove scratches,

dust and red eye are just some of the powerful features. Ideal for smaller RAM configurations,

Color It! runs in as little as 3 megabytes of RAM. Work with existing images and

photographs, scan in new ones, or create original works of art from scratch. Easily

manipulate and blend images in ways limited only by your imagination!

Create, view & edit animated GIF files, all

without leaving the program!

Work with a Wide Variety of File Formats including

GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PICT, PostScript, Photoshop, PhotoCD and more

Up to 16 Levels of Undo makes

experimenting or correcting mistakes easy!

Use Photoshop 3.0- compatible plug-ins, like Alien Skin’s Eye Candy and Xenofex.

Scanner Plug-in Support (including

TWAIN) so you can scan directly into Color It!

Create and Edit Web Image Maps for

clickable graphics linked to other Web locations

Optimize GIF files with minimized

color tables and/or picture data only to create smaller files for faster downloading

Clipping Paths permits placing

irregularly-shaped images in publishing programs like QuarkXPress or Adobe PageMaker

without the background visible

Auto-Save on Scan/Import for

batch importing of image from digital cameras or scanners

Pressure-Sensitive Tablet Support adds

a new level of creativity and control

Low Memory Requirements: Runs

in as little as 3 MB of RAM

Improve Images with Levels,

Curves, Unsharp Masking, Auto Contrast and Auto Enhance

CMYK Four-Color Separations for

process color printing with register and crop marks

Create Vivid Linear or Radial Gradient Blends containing up to 16 colors

Create Your Own Tool Sets load

a palette with multiple copies of tools (such as brushes, with different sizes, shapes

and opacities). Assign any tool to the Wacom stylus eraser

Paint with Patterns and Textures as

easily as solid colors, and create your own patterns

Kernel Brush Tool applies

convolution filter effects with any of 24 different brush shapes

Catalog your image files for quicker browsing and


Export documents with clipping paths.

Remove scratches, dust, red-eye effects & more

with Color It! 4.0’s new built-in filters

Quickly create client- and server-side image maps for the

Web by simply defining shapes around parts of your image!

Mix paint and pasted images together with different effects

using Color It! 4.0’s new paint transfer modes.

Much, much more!

More information on Color It! 4.0



Image Adjustment/Filters

Supported File Formats

Now get all seven Pattern Libraries (a $69.65 value) FREE with the CD-ROM version of Color It!

4.0! That’s over 1,100 patterns!

System Requirements

Color It! 4.0 requires any color-capable Macintosh or Power Macintosh (68020 processor

or greater, or a PowerPC chip) running MacOS System 7.0 or later with at least 3MB

of RAM and a hard drive with at least 5MB of available space.

 Color It! 4.0 – Purchasing Information

Both packages include all necessary program and documentation files. Extra goodies included with the CD-ROM version (Over a hundred royalty-free photographic images, 65 pre-defined masks, demo versions of Alien Skin’s Xenofex and Eye Candy filter plug-ins, and the complete set of Pattern Libraries, volumes 1 through 7) are NOT available with electronic delivery.

*Shipping costs (S & H) shown are for orders within the U.S. Shipping

to Canada is $7.00; International $12.00. Amounts are in U.S. dollars.

Note: The manual is delivered in Acrobat .pdf (Portable Document Format) form. Printed copies are not available.



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