Enhance 4.0 – Electrifying Image Manipulation!

for Macintosh

and Power Macintosh.

The image editor that gives you professional-level control for electrifying image

manipulation, editing, and retouching. An impressive collection of powerful yet easy-to-use

tools, filters and Web-ready features makes Enhance a powerful tool for serious graphic


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Key Features

Layers make possible endless repositioning of elements without

destroying the image underneath.

Full opacity control by layer makes compositing and experimental

blending of images simple.

Up to 16 levels of undo/redo makes experimenting or correcting

mistakes easy!

Work with several file formats including GIF, JPEG, PNG, PICT,

TIFF, PhotoCD, Photoshop(tm) and more.

Supports Photoshop(tm)-type plug-in filters like Alien

Skin’s Eye Candy and Xenofex.

Supports Import/Scanner plug-ins (including TWAIN) so you can

scan directly into Enhance.

Multiple-Acquire Auto-Save enables mass importing of images

from digital cameras or scanners.

CMYK four-color separations with UCR, GCR and transfer curve

compensation for process color printing.

Dramatically improve images with Levels, Curves, Unsharp Masking,

Auto Contrast and Auto Enhance filters.

Advanced 8-bit masking lets you choose the areas for paint,

paste or filter operations. Separate document masks don’t swell the main file size.

Integrate with HTML or WYSIWYG page editors with drag-and-drop


Interactively preview the effects of different color tables or bit depths.

Save images with minimized color tables and picture data only

for smaller file sizes and faster downloading.

Create and modify server- and client-side Web image maps with

specialized tools or create image map regions with any selection.

Pressure-sensitive tablet support adds more creativity and control.

Assign any tool to the Wacom stylus eraser.

Create your own tool sets with the tools you use most often,

or even multiple copies of tools such as brushes with different sizes, shapes and


Paint with patterns and textures as easily as solid colors.

Create and edit your own patterns, too!

Kernel brush tool applies convolution filter effects with any

of 24 brushes.

Create vivid gradient blends containing up to 16 colors.

Easy, one-step Extrude and Drop Shadow filters add 3-dimensional

effects or realistic soft-edged shadows.

Generate HTML image tags including

width, height and file name information.

Preview images in the Web browser of your choice.

Anti-aliasing for soft edges and smooth blends.

System Requirements

Macintosh/Power Macintosh:

Enhance 4.0 requires any color-capable Macintosh (68020 processor or greater) running

System 7.0 or later with at least 6MB of RAM and 10MB of hard disk space available.

A color monitor is recommended.

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Back Guarantee.

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